Monday, February 18, 2008

Shameless Pug after your done watching the "Presidents" marathon on The History Channel ( btw, Happy President's Day!) and the "Star Wars Tech" show....stay tuned for "The History of the Joke"...starring Lewis Black interviewing folks like George Carlin, Robin Williams, Dave Attell and many others. I say this because comedy is funny and because my lovely sister was the Talent Executive on the show. Of course, I'm super late in plugging the show but I thought it was on tomorrow night, not tonight. Grrr.'s also on tomorrow night but at 1 AM. I don't usually last much later than that, but who knows, maybe one of you will have a tight deadline and need to pull an all-nighter. In that case, you've got something great to keep you awake!

The History of the Joke on The History Channel. Check your local listings!!! In my neighborhood, it's playing at 9PM.
Tomorrow night---1AM


isay said...

I will check it up if they have it here.

by the way, I had tagged you with 5 random things, that is, if you are not so busy. thanks.

i like your cheeseheart illustration. so beautiful.

the doodlers said...

This is a sweet silly sketch!
Dang, we're sorry we missed this on History... maybe we'll catch it in a later screening. It sounds like a fun show.

Alina Chau said...

This is sooo CUTE!! Love your character Paige!

garyfields said...

your work is very appealing! great characters and color sense. do you work in animation or a freelance illustrator? either way, great stuff!

Bearded Lady said...

cute pug! I thought I was the only one who watched the Presidents marathon on the History Channel. No I confess....I watched it and taped it.

tamasya said...

i love this blog! keep up good works...its to be nice if we can know each other, do you think so?

SteveLambe said...

Hey Paige....I found this link today, and immediately thought of your wonderful snapshot gallery. Loads of vintage photos ripe for your characters.

paige said...

thank you so much, nice people!!

And! I'll check it out. Thanks for thinking of me.

Some guy with a pen said...

Hey Paige!
I just picked your blog the other day and I'm SUPER impressed!
I use Illustrator on a daily basis, all logo and clothing illustrations, boring stuff.
I'm wondering how you're getting those textures on your sketches? I see some look soft and airbrushed and this pug, which is great, looks dry brushed.
BTW, I LOVED the History of the Joke. It was Phenomenal!!