Saturday, July 11, 2009

Liberty Porter


Hi! So, Liberty Porter, First Daughter came out this week. I illustrated the cover and interiors. I must say, it was pretty cool to go into Barnes and Noble and see the book on the shelf...not far away from a few of the other covers I've done over the past couple years. Wow, it's like I'm a true blue illustrator or something! Wooo Hoo!
I bought two of the three copies (one for me and the other for my parents) but still, had to leave the third copy there so my Mom could go into that store and see it for herself. Look Ma, it's really there on the shelf!

Read fun facts from the author about Liberty Porter and other First Kids here!
Here are a few of the interior illustrations!

Liberty's Bedroom


Secret Agents

This Young Reader Chapter Book was written by Julia DeVillers, published by Simon & Schuster, book design by Karin Paprocki. Available in hardback, everywhere!


messyfish said...

wow! you are amazing...I love your stuff, and why dont you get some of your books for free? I have never seen the first daughter (dont watch the news much!?) but I love your illo's!

Erin said...

freakin' awesome! i love your shading style and how punchy and graphic those lines are!

paige said...

Thanks so much you guys! I hear there will be a Liberty Porter 2 that I'll get to start working on soon(ish) too. YAY!
And yes, I get some copies for free...they're just not here yet.

Jason said...

Talk about AWESOME!!!! I love your designs they are incredible, WOW!!! That is awesome you got your designs published that is so cool, well these designs are so cool and cute all at the same time.

-Your buddy JJ

BrooklynLaurie said...

Looks amazing, as always--your stuff is incredible!

Dam Ferreira said...

great designs
I love it


Douglas Holgate said...

Fantastic work Paige! Very very cool! Look forward to seeing it on the shelves!

Joe_O said...

Nice yo! I gotta pick this up.

asweetcakes said...

Nice! You must feel very fulfilled. I'm really happy for you...even though i don't know you lol

Alina Chau said...

THis is awesome!! COngrat!!
BTW love your new banner!!

paige said...

Hey youse guys....THANK YOU!! It's so nice to hear from each of you.

Art Fan Ako said...

Congratulations! Nice illustration.. I like the retro feel.

Sabrina said...

I just got this book for my daughter. This is her first chapter book. She loves pictures in books, so she looks forward to each picture in Liberty Porter Firtst Daughter. You did a great job. When my daughter gets to one of your illustrations she makes a point to show me. said...

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