Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jalapeño del Sol


Ah yes, here's another 10k I won't be participating in...other than, designing the t-shirt logo. For one, the trail run is in San Antonio. TEXAS. I don't mess with Texas. Secondly, I hate, hate, hate running. I'm a terrible runner. I might sprint for half a block with my dog but that's the extent of it for me. I might run away from a bad guy too...but let's face it, I'd probably have to resort to eye-gouging. Walking, hiking, swimming...those are more my speed. Even when I was in grade school and they made us run around the track...I abhorred it. It just hurts too much. Would love to change my attitude about it someday because I know it's a great way to drop some LBS and tone. But, blech...I just hate it.
Anyway...trying to follow the theme of the drawing here...which also includes a Jalapeño! I looooooove japapeño.... in fact, I made some awesome spicy salsa the other night. Hot! Spicy! Pure Goodness. And now the (jalapeño) seed has been planted: I will be dreaming about carne asada tacos from a local taco stand (or truck)...sprinkled with cilantro, onion and spicy salsa that makes my mouth on fire. And I will be thinking about this until it happens. Later, today. YES.


paige said...

BTW, I didn't get my taco today. Still thinking about it though.

:( said...

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