Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hello. It's Christmas! JOY! { replaces "YAY!" as a festive holiday exclammation}

This morning while I stood in line at the bakery (at 6AM!) I was thinking-- there must be some drawing somewhere in my files that I might be able to post to my blog to commemorate the holidays! (I really ran out of time and focus this season) And then, one pumpkin pie, one "Parisian" Chocolate cake, and a HUGE non-fat Latte later-- I found this crappy little doodle. Wait, does that sound like I ate all that? No, only consumed the Latte, which was delish. But, I digress---I drew this doodle a few years ago. I must say, I chuckled upon finding it. There's nothing wrong with wishing you lots and lots of gifts this Christmas, right??
Especially if they are gifts of happiness, health, peace, prosperity, joy and some outright sillyness!!Right?? So, go and have yourselves a very Merry Giftmas!


All these same gifts are wished for you in the new year too. xoxoxo


Majeak Ann said...

I just found you through Veerle's blog interview!
Wow, I really enjoyed your interview, and learned a lot. Thanks for sharing your passion, I congratulate you for following yuor dreams, work for them and for being so honest!
GREAT work! Happy New year*

Chandanjali said...

I came here to wish you,
A very happy new year,
To bring u a smile,
Than the shed tears,
Forget the pain of the past,
Because after tonight this year itself wont last,
So just rejoice the forthcoming new year...
Have just pain or fear...

PaintMonster said...

A Happy New Year Paige!!!!!!!

paige said...

thank you, majeak ann! I really appreciate your kind words.

Chandangali and Paintmonster: wishing you both all the best and happiest and healthiest of years yet. Thank you for your sweet wishes too!

* good riddance, 2006!

Roz said...

A very merry christmas and happy new year to you paige!

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