Friday, March 16, 2007

Jigsaw O'Luck

Happy St. Patty's

Lately, I've been doing some freelance for the fine and lovely folks at I've been having lots of fun designing cute holiday-themed printables for them... perfect for you and your crafty kids to cut out and play with. I don't think I can post the actual pictures here so I will just provide the link instead, plus... this way I've got an opportunity to promote their site and mention what sort of thing I've been up to lately, all in one fell swoop. Here's a link/pdf to what I'm calling the Jigsaw O' Luck I designed for them---just in time for St. Patty's!
Soooo, should you be interested, sign up for the Family Fun "Printapalooza" newletter and check out some more of my printable designs in the coming months--celebrating Easter, Springtime, Mother's Day, etc! There are some great designs by other artists there, the great circus animals for birthday decoration and the really beautiful and fabulous paper-folding village (I'll add the link when I can find it again).

And, Happy St. Patty's!
~Paige O'Pooler


Holly said...

Hi Paige!
It was cool to see you at LACMA!

shannon m. said...

'Tis a fine fine jigsaw, lassie! We're signing up!

Kelly J said...

Hey Paige! I was so great to get to meet you finally!!! We had nice time at lunch. I hope you had a great St. Patty's Day. Shan's little sis Kelly :)

paige said...

Hi Girls!

Holly. it was excellent running into you, Alex and your cousin that day! Hope to see you again soon!

SHannon and Kelly: it was LOVELY to have lunch with all you girls!
Kelly-- It was so nice to finally meet you and and Polly!

kyle said...

Hey, it's been great almost running into you but not actually running into you! Oh, I feel so left out. More sketches please!

rator said...

Doggone, I love your drawings! So optimistic and sunny!

AbalztheBlogiz said...

Well, my kid just loves the crafty designs with a high attracism by your designs at It's unbelieveable my son draws the designs exactly, simply great n happy. Excellent job, paige!

happy said...

Keep your eyes wide apart and see this world!

Anonymous said...
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