Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ever had an over-the-top crush on someone? Mine was Mark F. in 8th grade. I was crazy-in-love! {Like, maybe even a little stalker-like.} I cruised my bike by his house, often. I offered to help him out with his paper route. I wrote his name on lots of sheets of paper. I swooned over his tan. (It was the 80's in Southern Cal)Though, I must say, for a 12-13 year old, I had pretty good taste...this guy had the bluest eyes and lots of lashes.
Sadly, Mark never liked me back---but, he did dance with me once. Slow dance, even. And to this day, if I ever hear that song (which is rare, it was less popular Eagles song called "I can't tell you why")-- I think wistfully back to those early days when my hormones first kicked in! Ahhhhhhh! Those torturous, evil hormones!
The above illustration was drawn for QuizFest Magazine. In this particular illo's case---it was something like "Would you rather have your crushes name on your forehead or scream it in the cafeteria?" I'll post some of the other illos in the coming days


applevenusian said...

I've been going through my diaries that I kept in high school and the number of guys that I had crushes on at any given time ASTOUNDS me. My friends told me that at one time I had crushes on at least 6 guys. That's what happens when you are a shy, baggy-clothes wearin' wallflower who won't say "boo" to anyone!!! ;-)

eolake said...

Hi Paige,
Somebody just sent me your drawing of "Zanna" from my site Domai.com. I really like it. Do you have a big version I can have? Eolake - e-mail[at]domai.com

paige said...

Thanks Applevenusian...I'm glad to know that I was not the only love-sick tween!

eolake: WOW! You're thephotographer? Cool! A bunch of us artists used your photo as reference for a "drawing jam back" in 2002. I'm sending you an email with my interepretation (attached)

thanks for being so cool and complimentary!

eolake said...

No, the photographer is Slastyonoff. I am the founder, publisher, and editor of Domai.com.

paige said...

Oh! My bad! Guess I shouldn't have skipped my morning coffee today! You should have the image now (just sent the email!)

Mars Cabrera said...

Wow! that story could be a movie right there! or a song... the drawings moved me a lot too! lovely blog!

Heidi said...

Mine was also early 80's in So.Ca. "Joaquin" was my crush. And same thing, unrequited love. And one slow dance to Madonna's "Crazy for You" that meant everything to me and was just friendly to him...I remember what I wore at the skating rink that night...Great blog!

Glen said...

LOL I really like your blog. Your illustrations are really amazing. I don't usually find a lot of artist blogs that I like but your blog is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...


I remember Mark F. I think we all had one of those crushes at one time or another. Something about crushes we never forget who they were and what we were doing at the time. They are forever fun memories.


Mike C.

Janice Murillo Geolin said...

wow... I'm impressed with your posts.. they're all pretty coo0l


Anonymous said...

yeah I so totally know how that feels! see I am in the 8th grade now but see last year...there was a guy(he goes to high school now) he was a grade above me..and I was head over heals in love with that boy! I still am! he would tell me that he loved me and he would call me all the time but the very next day he would be going out with someone else! He broke my heart a lot of times! I still talk to him sometimes but... It really hurts to talk to him! everyday I see him on the bus and it never fails...I always get tears in my eyes! talk about head over heals! I guess you could say that I got a little stalkish sometimes but its hard not to be!lol

Anonymous said...
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