Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Here's a Spooky House I drew for an advent calendar at (printapalooza area). To make this a working'll need the doors and activities too.
Have some spooktacular fun!!!!

OH! And please check out and join in on this fun little Pumpkin Junkin' Contest! The contest is hosted by the very whimsical and talented Children's Book Illustrator, Holli Conger. Her work is sooooo much fun and I am thrilled she asked me to be one of the judges. Check out her Junk-a-Doodles style for inspiration!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

What a cute cute cute illustration! I have to show this to Sona because they all look super friendly and super cute! (she doesn't like spooky ones) She would love it! Happy Halloween and Happy (belated) Birthday, Paige! October birthdays rock! :-)

paige said...

Thank you, Yukako!! You're so sweet.

Oh, and your bday is tomorrow!! YAY! Must send an email to you, pronto! Probably don't need to write out everything I'm thinking tho...huh?!

John Coulter said...

This is awesome!

garyfields said...

great halloween illo. your girl doodles are fantastic. each one has their own personality and you successfully come up with a different look for each one! excellent!!

Tracy said...

I LOVE that "haunted" house! It is adorable! :)

manuela said...

Beautiful, love the colors.
ciao :D

Anonymous said...
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