Sunday, June 07, 2009

Juicy Gossip

Juicy Gossip for Scholastic

Ah, love it when I get to see another new bookcover of mine on the bookshelf! The lastest is called "Juicy Gossip" and it's part of the Candy Apple Series for Scholastic (book # 19) written by Erin Downing. Art Directed by Steve Scott.

I'm posting my art without the title because, frankly, the scan of the book I purchased last night looks terrible and I don't have a decent sized version of the artwork WITH the's a tiny one lifted from the web.

Scholastic Web Store


Cindy Ann Ganaden said...

Looks Great!! Will you be doing ALL of the covers,since it's a series?

paige said...

Thanks Cindy! They have an assortment of illustrators drawing these covers, so...definitely not. Would love it if they hired me again though!

Michael Dougherty said...

This illustration is so beautiful and heartwarming. The characters are appealing and their expressions are so clear and legible. The color palette is very easy on the eyes. Bravo, Paige!