Thursday, June 18, 2009

Les Belles de la Mer

Las Belles de la Mer

Ok, first, I'm not even sure "Les Belles de la Mer" makes sense in French...but it sounds good to me! Je parle francais comme une vache espagnole.

Regardless of my terrible is the first of many Mermaid drawings I've wanted to illustrate for some time now. I have this pile of sketches from last year that I haven't had time to get to. Now, I do. Unless some freelance work comes in. In which case, I will put the sketch pile aside and happily work on whatever that fabulous assignment is. PLUS, I'll be thrilled that I won't have to sell off my furniture in a yard sale next month!! Yipes. Freelance can be wildly exciting and scary sometimes.

Enjoy the Mermaids!


Jon McNally said...

Thanks for the peek into a mermaid's beauty regimen, Paige. You know, I'm reminded of those Kenner See Wees toys from back in the day.

paige said...

Thanks Jon. I'm just happy to see you pop by. How are you!!?!?!!! Heading over to your blog right now.

kage said...

I just stumbled on your page while looking for clip art of a bride...and WOW! I LOVE your stuff! How would I be able to use one of your drawings on a banner on my blog? I don't advertise on it or anything like that, it's just a personal blog for fun that I started only a couple months ago.

asweetcakes said...

Hi. Like Kage, i stumbled on your blog from accidentally, kle's blog. I absolutely LOVE your art ...i'm jealous too. I'm following you now, so looking forward to more stuff from you.

paige said...

Thanks Kage and ASweetcakes. I totally appreciate the kind comments!
Kage, I can't allow anyone to use my art free of charge but I am very honored that you like my art. Thank you for your interest.

I'm working on being a better blogger this year, so stay tuned for lots more art!

Anonymous said...


I am interested in this image. I think it's adorable. I was wondering is it possible to buy this as a print or on canvas. I am not a business, just a mom with a daughter who loves mermaids. Thanks,Vicky.

Shazfa said...

nice image