Friday, March 25, 2005

Illustration Friday-CROWDED

Currently, my head feels a little CROWDED with all the pesky little tasks I should be taking care know... taxes, finding more freelance work, clean out junk drawers, drop off dry cleaning, get a new man...etc. The list is endless

This image was sketched very quickly in photoshop. I'm hoping to revisit and redraw in Illustrator.

**Say, anyone know a quicky tutorial for Blogger sites. I'd love to figure out how to personalize this thing a little more.


Jaime Zollars said...

Hello Paige! I have seen your stuff around here in Los Angeles at SCBWI Events. I really like your work. I too have been wanting to start a blog and henceforth participate in Illustration Friday as well. Hopefully soon! Congrats on getting yours up and running :)

steve said...

All artists have busy minds ! That is what kicks our tails to create new stuff. Just don't let those lil' tasks go unfinished for too long. I hear the IRS uses rabid African elephants with bipolor tendencies to glare at late tax filers. Great illustration ! By the way, talk to Kevin :
He'll point you in the right direction with blog advise.
P.S. Jaime, come on and join us, plenty of room here ! :-)

Perriette said...

I like this, too. Really like the colors and design. Cluttered minds, ahhh yes...blar. I should have done what is in my head or what is on my bed, but I went a different route. Other wise, I'd never have finished.

Welcome to Illustration Friday.

Ms Elle said...

Excellent depiction (Reminds me of a sticker that says, "I only do what the voices in my head tell me to do.")

Anonymous said...

Colours, idea, design great! Can relate blah blah blah. Blah. What can I say ... crowded!

paige said...

thanks so much you guys! I'm glad you all can relate. Those voices can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

Jaime, i've been to your website before too. And I love your work and your site is so pretty. BTW, it's easy(ish) to set up a basic blog on and it's free too. Come on, Join now!

thanks again, ~paige

Anonymous said...

it's like you've read my mind! and from what i've seen, we're not so much to do, so little time! (why does regular life have to get in the way, eh?!)

jas faulkner said...

Neat execution! I like the bunny, too!

Anonymous said...

Great. I love the idea of this one, and I love all the different "blahs".


Anonymous said...

UGH, don't you hate that feeling of being mentally bombarded with your "to do,want to do, should do" list. Constantly battling with this myself.Blah blah blah

steve said...

Hey Paige! Sweet! I found your blog! *bookmarked*

Great work! Glad to see your on the Illustration Friday wagon too. Your concept and mine for this topic are similar. Crowded heads! We both suffer from too many thoughts not enough time syndrome I guess.

PS thanks for all the kind words you left on my blog. Your too kind.

-Steve Mack

anne said...

Hey, you read mind! ..and my blog tagline ;-)

I really love your work. For me, it's very evocative of the old picturebooks I grew up with. Don't stop!

Anonymous said...



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