Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter

Just thought I'd post this "lil bun rab" doodle... since tomorrow is Easter n'all. Happy egg hunting to you!


douglasbot said...

Ah this is cute!! Paige...i didn't know you had a blog!!



Kim Carney said...

Illustrations great. Really like your animations. very clever.

Denis Goulet said...

There you are!!! I was looking in the IF name list for a Paige or a Henrietta. Cool blog Paige, love your entries for IF, especially the Bloom one. And that Easter bunny is so darn cute.

paige said...

Hey ya, douglas! it seems we all have a blog now, huh? I'm so glad your participating in IF too.

thank you, Kim!

he he! yes, denis, here I am. Quietly hiding under the "eyes wide apart" moniker. Thanks for the compliments, esp. since I'm a huge fan! I'll be watching "mes vendredis"

steve said...

Cute bunny! Love it!

Martini said...

What the F#?!?! I can't believe you called the bunny "lil bun rab"! I thought me and my sister were the only ones in the world who called them that! Also, "baby bun rabs." AWESOME!

FreeLancer said...

Cute illo Paige!

Anonymous said...



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