Friday, March 18, 2005

Nnnnnnkay, another blog is born.


Yep, just what the world needs...another self-absorbed blog. ;0) I promise to keep it simple. First off, I'm not sure how often I will update this thing, but I'm going to give "once a week" a try. I'm bewildered as to how so many of you fine folk are able to keep up with your own sites, create your art, read other sites regularly and still manage to eat, work, maintain relationships and bathe. Maybe you're all secretly very stinky and skipping out on those showers? (how would I know?) Or maybe I'm just a really slow reader. ( I don't get to read many blogs on a regular basis) I dunno. BUT, I love blogs. I love the treasures I find while digging around. I love getting snippets of others peoples lives and interests. Mostly, I love to discover wonderful illustration and beautiful (yet funky) crafts . So, if I dig up something good, I'll do my best to post it here and share the resource.

My main objective is not to entertain anyone but myself really. However, if you get something out of it, that is super-fantastic and please, by all means, let me know. Mainly, I figured by starting a blog I might be inspired to push it up a notch and crank out more than the doodleheads I seem to draw over and over and over again. More than likely, it will be a place to post all those doodleheads...

here's a taste of my incessant "eyes wide apart" doodling of doodleheads...


Anonymous said...

I went and checked out you illo site, you are totally in league with the blogger artist! I'm glad you joined illo fri!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paige,

I'm so excited that you are making these postings. Your funny and beautiful illustrations make my day!!!! I wish Illustration Friday was every day!

Your biggest fan from over the hill,

:-) s.

paige said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
paige said...

golly, I only wanted to correct a misspelling! The "deleted comment" looks worse.

back at cha, :-) s.
from this side of the hill, you're tops! sure hope you find time to participate in Illo Fri!

Michelle said...

I love your work. I think that may be that it is so differant from my own art style. It is so very sweet.

Manish Sharma said...

I have just created my blog, and was out to watch others work... and got into your blog, I found it simple and sweet place... its just pretty... I am ITian.. and created my blog for this reason only.. and when had a look on your place... I found a good reason...! thanks to inspiration!

chxiao said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a phong site/blog. It pretty much covers phong related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

happy said...

I like your eyes opinion:)

Anonymous said...



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