Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Illustration Friday-AMBITION

I suppose a cat would have to be very ambitious to do this! Right? How many Space Cats in pyjamas have you seen or even heard about?? So, alright...I've chosen this several-months'-old doodle to be my Illustration Friday for this week. It's kinda cheating, I know, but... it'll have to do for now.


salmonowen said...

I love it! The shape of the bubble-thingee over his head, the colors, everything. Nice job!

PaMdora said...

I love this, your whole blog, and web site! You have a great sense of humor and I love the way it comes through your work -- fresh and fun!

Denis said...

Aaaahhwwwww!! Sooo cute!!! I want this on a t-shirt. Great entry Paige.

Jules said...

I always like your work and this is no exception. Cool cat and he/she looks ambitious!

Braidwood said...

That is really cute. Her wide eyes look ambitious! I like the pattern in the pajamas.

Anonymous said...

Great. That cat has great ambitions, and in his pyjamas.. hehe. He's so sweet.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

I remember a series of books from when I was a kid: Space Cat! http://www.ffbooks.co.uk/n2/n12684.htm
How great if they were re-published with your bright illustrations!!

paige said...

thanks you guys. Even though I totally feel like I wimped out on this one...just making some story for an old doodle to apply for the theme! I had a couple ideas that I may have made to work much better but I just didn't have time. I've missed out on THREE weeks of IF, dangit!

Wholly cow, Sultry Painterwoman! I can't believe how close the two illos/ideas are. I've never seen this before but I'm tempted to rename mine Floaty Cat...as that was my orig. title for it. Would seem less a rip off! Yipes! Guess there are other ambitious Space Cats already in existence!

steve said...

Wonderful Paige. Tops, as always!

neufetrien said...

HA! That i great. I haven't read enough to know if you are a cat person all in all, but I definitely recognize that wild and "ambitious" look in this cat. With cats, it's more of a crazed, frantic ambition to find the most expensive, most breakable, most vulnerable items in the house, and...well, bombs away. nice job.

Anonymous said...



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