Saturday, May 14, 2005

KIDS ART: Featuring Aaron C.

Kids Art amazes me. In the coming weeks, I'd like to introduce and feature some of my favorite kids and their art. Here's the first:
Aaron C.
Aaron C. is 10 years old. He is the son of Shane and Alicia...and Shane has been like a little brother to me since we were kids ourselves. A little background: I brought Shane home from school one day (I was in Eighth, Shane in Seventh) because my sister (in Fifth grade) thought he was really cute. Since that moment, he became a member of the family. Shane's family and my family became very close. His older brother Greg was even my first kiss!! Unfortunately, with our crazy lives and distance between us all we don't get to visit very often. We all got to visit at the Holiday's this past Christmas and this is when I got to see HOW VERY EXCELLENT an artist Aaron has become.
Aaron loves to draw and he's got piles of character drawings, action drawings and stories to go with all of them. He's got the talent and the passion! Not only that, he's a charming, charismatic and sweet boy too. He was so good with my two nephews that evening that he melted my heart. Of course, I felt an affinity with him because of his love for art and drawing. I was honored that he gave me a few drawings too!!!! (They proudly sit with me at my art desk)

Here's the first one. I don't remember what Aaron titled it, so I refer to it as "Serpent Attack!"

Here's a close-up to see the cool character faces and costuming!

And finally, here is a drawing of Harold Jalsone. Aaron told me that Harold was my new boyfriend. I asked him what Harold did for a living and he told me that he was a Skateboard Designer! How cool is that!?!!!! No accountants for me! Woo hooo.

Gimme a call, Harold!


shannon m. said...

Tell Aaron he has another fan in L.A.!! Those drawings are the coolest. Too bad I am married, Harold-Jalsone is dreamy.

BigHJ said...

This Harold, I shave my mustache, so even look better. other artwork gud too.

Anonymous said...

Aaron has a real sense of color. It makes his drawings "pop" I wish him much success in the future.

Camilla Engman said...

Nice boyfriend :)

Ward Jenkins said...

These are great, Paige! I'm a big fan of kid art, too -- especially my 4 1/2 year-old daughter's work. I feature her work very prominently on my blog, probably more than my own work. It's worth it, though. And she loves to draw things so I can "put it in the compooter." She and I both get a big kick out of that.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Aaron's work! Keep it up.

Erin said...

Holy Smokes. Aaron draws WAY better then I do and I'm 36. Apparently the serpent will only attack on very lovely days- so if you are traveling alone on a small raft- be wary of sunny days. And Harold- my future brother in law, I love a man who designs skateboards and isn't afraid to grow out his sideburns.

Lisa Sonrisa said...

Hi Paige!

I just found your blog... now I am really looking forward to Fridays to see your illos. :)


Cin said...

I love kid's drawings probably more then any other kind and Aaron's are wonderful !

paula said...

I wish I could draw like Aaron! And I'll bet he drew it with no-holds-barred. Meaning, sans failure-anxiety. O to be a kid!

Kato said...

Very cool, the kid's got imagination.

Ooh, Harold looks and sounds like quite the catch!

kiro said...


That Serpent is dangerous. Run ~sonny~ run!

It was awsome to see kids art. They have eyes to those tiny things that we adult couldn't see.
My child loves drawing, I am a huge fan of his too.

Come visit me at and see his art for yourself.

Anonymous said...



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