Monday, May 23, 2005

A note and a pic.

My nephew, Wilder, sent me this photo of the two of us (perhaps with some help from my sister).
This boy warms my heart so very much.


Aaron C. , the featured artist noted below, sent me an email tonight. Here it is:

Hey Paige, it's me Aaron C. I wanted to say thank you for putting my pictures on your website. I am in the playoff's in baseball. We won our first game on saturday. It was a comebacker. The final score was 5 to 4,I got the winning hit to drive in the runner at third base! Enough about baseball for now,I wanted to tell you that I'm sending you three new pictures I drew. Their names are "Heading South," "John Bimsburg(maybe your new boyfriend)," and the "Fire Serpent." We have your address so I can send the pictures to you.

talk to you soon,
Aaron C.

Congrats on the baseball game, Aaron! Right on!

YAY! A new crop of drawings are being sent my way! I can hardly wait to get them. Plus, I'm looking forward to my newest boyfriend's arrival as Harold hasn't really stepped up to the plate (so so speak) Actually, my father called and left me a voice message...with some warped-pseudo- accent pretending to be Harold. You can't fool me, Pops!

Anyway, I apologize for my lack of entries lately. The freelance has kept me very, very busy. I have lots of ideas brewing for past Illustration, hopefully, I'll get a break and get caught up.


shannon m. said...

Wilder is so much "boy" now! Amazing to see him looking so grown in this new photo. What a lucky aunt you are Miss Paigey! [And I'm sure Wilder knows what a lucky nephew he is too. :-) ]

Anonymous said...

Yesterdays [full] photo was much more flattering. Don't hide your beauty! [And I mean that in a non-sexual way.]

Lisa Sonrisa said...

This is a cute pic! You two have the same big, unabashedly happy smile.

Anonymous said...



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