Friday, January 26, 2007

Love Floats

Love Floats

Happy Valentines Day, People! I hope you get lots of really good and yummy chocolate...and whatever else your heart desires! (we'll leave it at that!)

This is another old and rejected design. A couple of years ago a card company asked me to submit some drawings for Valentines. I was certain that 10 of my 13 or so designs would sell. I was practically counting my money!! hahahahahaha. Turns out, they didn't want any. I look back on them now and still feel like I should have sold ...well, least ONE!! :0(
They're not that bad!! Actually, they said they liked them but I was told there might be too much "white space" in my designs and that they were looking for more specific cards like, "For My Nephew". O' well...ok, it was a good lesson! And truthfully, a good project for my portfolio. I'm pretty sure some of those very designs (and my use of white space) helped me to land the Wubbzy gig.
So, where one door shuts, another one opens!! Ain't that nice?!!

Anyway, a few of the other rejects are posted in the doodles section of my site, if you're interested in seeing more.


Kathy Brown said...

Paige --

I love ALL of your designs and just wish I had lots of money so I could hire you to design cards for me!

Take care

Kactiguy said...

Fer cute. I like them. Who cares what they think anyway.

August Goddess said...

Paige, I'm a huge fan of all your drawrings. :) This one is very cute. Maybe you should start your own line of cards. I would buy this. It's so appealing.

What medium do you use to do your art anyway? I'm thinking of getting into graphic art and I have no idea where to begin.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are back! I bet your 'rejects' cards were too good for them and a way over their head! A lovely painting, and Le Jour De Valentine Heureux !---yukako

Anonymous said...

First of all - anyone who rejects a Pooler work is just plain lame. Second, I have telepathic connections and I believe there is card company in your future...oh yes, I see it now...and you shall reign over your card company dominion. Sometimes doors swing both ways - Keep up the great work.

Cecilia's Art said...

hiii!! how re u?? il send u a mail ,so i can teel u my things and u can tell how going your life!! ok??? ..i hope u are ok.
take care
big hug

In our life there is a single colour
as on an artist´s palette,
provides the meaning of life and art
it is the colour of LOVE.


PaintMonster said...

wooow super sweeet illustration Paige!
I love this illustration very much!!

catnapping said...

I bet they stole your ideas, and had someone's nephew do a poor mockup ofthem.

stef said...

some folks just don't know what is good for them. well, you know what they say - you can't teach style ;)

i love your work!

Alina Chau said...

This is so romantic and pretty!! :)

Drazen said...

beautiful illo Paige

shannon m. said...

Hi you! I have a ton of these "I'm gonna sell a million..!" designs hanging around too. They really come in handy sometimes though, huh? Reduce-reuse-recycle! Love the puppies!! xo s.

Kevin Barber said...


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