Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter

Just thought I'd post this "lil bun rab" doodle... since tomorrow is Easter n'all. Happy egg hunting to you!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Illustration Friday-CROWDED

Currently, my head feels a little CROWDED with all the pesky little tasks I should be taking care know... taxes, finding more freelance work, clean out junk drawers, drop off dry cleaning, get a new man...etc. The list is endless

This image was sketched very quickly in photoshop. I'm hoping to revisit and redraw in Illustrator.

**Say, anyone know a quicky tutorial for Blogger sites. I'd love to figure out how to personalize this thing a little more.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Illustration Friday: BLOOM

Alrighty, so... I've wanted to participate in Illustration Friday for awhile now but needed to start a blog to do so. So, last night I finally signed up and got the BLOG. I check the IlloFri site today and now I'm not entirely sure if I'm early for this week or late for last. Regardless, this is an illo I did a few months back and I think it fits the week's theme which is/ was BLOOM. My depiction here is to illustrate a new love that is blooming.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Nnnnnnkay, another blog is born.


Yep, just what the world needs...another self-absorbed blog. ;0) I promise to keep it simple. First off, I'm not sure how often I will update this thing, but I'm going to give "once a week" a try. I'm bewildered as to how so many of you fine folk are able to keep up with your own sites, create your art, read other sites regularly and still manage to eat, work, maintain relationships and bathe. Maybe you're all secretly very stinky and skipping out on those showers? (how would I know?) Or maybe I'm just a really slow reader. ( I don't get to read many blogs on a regular basis) I dunno. BUT, I love blogs. I love the treasures I find while digging around. I love getting snippets of others peoples lives and interests. Mostly, I love to discover wonderful illustration and beautiful (yet funky) crafts . So, if I dig up something good, I'll do my best to post it here and share the resource.

My main objective is not to entertain anyone but myself really. However, if you get something out of it, that is super-fantastic and please, by all means, let me know. Mainly, I figured by starting a blog I might be inspired to push it up a notch and crank out more than the doodleheads I seem to draw over and over and over again. More than likely, it will be a place to post all those doodleheads...

here's a taste of my incessant "eyes wide apart" doodling of doodleheads...