Saturday, May 26, 2007

IF: Cars

Wondertime Car icons

I recently drew a slew of vehicles for a printable game on which, (lucky me!) perfectly suits this weeks' Illustration Friday theme: Cars. Hopefully, I'll have some time this week to draw something specifically for the theme, but for now----this'll do.

Mitzi n' Me!

I just adopted a sweet and lovey little Boston Terrier!!! She's soooooo funny-cute!

Her previous name was Gypsy but I've started getting to know her over the past few hours now and I'm feeling a very strong "Mitzi" vibe. I feel kinda weird changing her name but maybe a new name will also be a sign of a new and happy life.

Originally, Gypsy (now, Mitzi) was a breeder dog for 6 years and once her "work" was deemed complete, the breeder called the boston terrier rescue group to have her picked up that day or she'd be taken the pound. Terrible!!!! (stories like this break my heart!)

Soooooo, now she's living here with me, in the lap of luxury! Ok, my digs aren't exactly luxurious but I imagine my actual lap is nice and soft and comfy, therefore...complete luxury! We're gunna go on lots and lots of walks and she's going to be spoiled with lots of love and affection!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Live at Gotham

Those of you who might be fans of stand-up comedy and might be home (and awake) at midnight tonight, ya might wanna check out the 2nd season premiere of "Live at Gotham" on Comedy Central. I haven't seen any of it yet, but my brilliant and amazingly kick-ass sister books the show (as well as the Improv Comedy Clubs) sooooooooo, watch it if you can! I'll be watching it because I love my sister and because, comedy can be funny!

Here's a link on Comedy Central

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ever had an over-the-top crush on someone? Mine was Mark F. in 8th grade. I was crazy-in-love! {Like, maybe even a little stalker-like.} I cruised my bike by his house, often. I offered to help him out with his paper route. I wrote his name on lots of sheets of paper. I swooned over his tan. (It was the 80's in Southern Cal)Though, I must say, for a 12-13 year old, I had pretty good taste...this guy had the bluest eyes and lots of lashes.
Sadly, Mark never liked me back---but, he did dance with me once. Slow dance, even. And to this day, if I ever hear that song (which is rare, it was less popular Eagles song called "I can't tell you why")-- I think wistfully back to those early days when my hormones first kicked in! Ahhhhhhh! Those torturous, evil hormones!
The above illustration was drawn for QuizFest Magazine. In this particular illo's case---it was something like "Would you rather have your crushes name on your forehead or scream it in the cafeteria?" I'll post some of the other illos in the coming days

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poof and toot

Aw! The embarrassment of farting in front of your high school crush!!!

Thank god, this is NOT actually based one of my "most embarrassing moments"- Trust me, I have plenty different embarrassing moments I might illustrate someday, but this is not one of them. This illustration was drawn for a teeny-bopper magazine called "QuizFest"