Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pizza Only, forever...

Pizza Only FOREVER

I don't know about you...but I don't think it would be terrible to have Pizza Only, for the rest of my long as it's good pizza and different toppings were available! I really cannot remember ever having a pizza I didn't enjoy. Can you??

Anyway...these spot illustrations were for this months' "J-14 Yikes!" magazine...which is a popular magazine for the "Hannah Montana"/ "High School Musical" set. Well, I'm guessing that based on all the photos of Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron throughout the magazine. Anyway, the illustrations were a silly and gross little "quiz" of sorts... i.e. "Would you rather eat nothing but pizza for the rest of your life or never eat pizza again?"

Stink Socks

"Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for a week?"
Yep..I'm serious...I didn't make up the scenarios...just drew the pictures.

Very Cold
"Would you rather wear your ski jacket all summer or your bathing suit all winter?"

Green Hair
"Would you rather shave your head or dye your hair neon green?"

My answers....
1. Even though I like pizza, I'd rather never eat it again. I'd cry about it though. I just don't think I could never not eat the occassional ice cream, slice of bacon, taco, or sushi roll. No can do.

2. Definitely socks.

3. Um, ski jacket? Unless I loose that 15 lbs! THEN I',, I won't. Ski Jacket.

4. Since I've shaved my head before, I'd go with dying my hair neon green. (hopefully, it'd be one of those wash out dyes...)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Little Miss Mitzi


My little Miss Mitzi isn't doing too well right now. We think she's got invertabrae disc disease...and poor baby is in a lot of pain. Essentially, her breed is prone to this type of problem and I'm not sure how this happened but perhaps it was brought on by her jumping off and on some of my furniture. Maybe it got worse by all those walks we take?! I dunno, but she's such a trooper...hardly complains at all. Still sweet as can be, just not her normal peppy and happy self. (which breaks my heart). We've gone to the vet over 5 times in the past month trying to figure out what's been wrong. Treating her for possible gas, arthritis, blood tests and X-rays. Finally, we saw a specialist yesterday and so she's on bed rest for the next 6-8 weeks. Meaning that she's got to be crated. And I have to carry her out to pee and poop.
For 6-8 weeks!
We are on day 2.
Anyway, the hope is, if she's immobile for a while, she'll heal. Otherwise, we will have to do something like surgery.

Mitzi is only xix years old. (okay, in dog years---she's my age, practically middle aged) and like me, she's far too young for this!! Sooooo, please send some good vibes/prayers her way...I would greatly appreciate it. I want my baby girl to be happy and healthy again very, very soon.

Holiday Mitzi

Monday, November 26, 2007


IF: Superstition
It's a quicky since there was lots going on this week.

I have this superstition that I better post something for last week's Illustration Friday (the theme was Superstition)--or--ELSE!! So, of course, I'm all about posting something, even if I'm terribly late. It's kind of like one of those horrible chain emails that claim you have to send it on to 10 friends in the next 2 minutes or you will have bad luck for the next 12 years. Who wants to risk that?! (So please, I beg not include me on your list for these forwards!)

I'm also all about posting a superstition that may bring about GOOD LUCK...which we all can use, right?! "Fingers crossed" has thought to bring good luck since...well, at least since my days in the school playground. Maybe centuries. Anyway, a long time. Occasionally, I use this highly deft method as an adult too...and it always seems to make whatever I don't have any control over, a little more, "Hey! I'm doing what I can here" even if it's just crossing a couple of fingers.
Wacky? Yes! Hopeful? You betcha. Helpful? Who knows.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007



See, I'm a Libra, so when I saw this week's Illustration Friday theme was the word, "scale" I immediately thought I'd like to draw some sort of variation on my Zodiac symbol. And since I love cupcakes, it all seemed to make logical sense to me. I considered many other ideas though...and it was hard for me to figure out which direction I wanted to take with this...did I want to draw something relating to weight, to size or judgement? All things that might have made this a much stronger illustration. And then, after I decided to just get started on this... I thought...what should be on these plates??? Should she be weighing her options...cupcakes versus fruit? Or are her "balanced" and equal plated cupcakes okay? And now, it occurs to me (finally!) that this is fine the way it is. Just let it go! See, as a Libra, I might be "balanced" and fair-minded but, dagnabbit, it's hell to make a simple decision sometimes! So,, have a cupcake Libra girl!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Illustration Friday- Hats

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is "Hats". Hats are awesome. I love hats. Unfortunately, I look horrid in most of them. Soooooo, all the more reason to enjoy putting them on my characters, yes?! Um, TOTALLY! True, not a whole lotta concept involved here but I had a whole lotta of fun doing it.

Hats' off to everyone who's stopped by! (I know, I know...MOAN! Couldn't help myself)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


My Sister the Vampire # 3

Here's the cover I drew for the 3rd book in the "My Sister the Vampire" series, due in stores November 20th. The first two books are already available in the Young Reader (early chapter books) sections of your local, big-chained bookstores! YAY! Fourth one is due in December or January or February...I'll have to check on that. (* this is sort of a poor quality jpeg lifted from Amazon and I will try and get a crisper version from HarperCollins. I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to post the image without the title, which is all I have here)

Meanwhile, the name of this particular cover seems in line with some of what I've been trying to do this past weekend. RE-VAMP! Slowly but surely, I'm getting rid of unneccessary emails, tidying up my messy desktop, shredding old credit card offers and donating that beautiful old sweater from 1998 (among many other things). Oh yes, and breathing new life into this blog!!!! I've a looooong way to go, but it feels good to have started.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Here's a Spooky House I drew for an advent calendar at (printapalooza area). To make this a working'll need the doors and activities too.
Have some spooktacular fun!!!!

OH! And please check out and join in on this fun little Pumpkin Junkin' Contest! The contest is hosted by the very whimsical and talented Children's Book Illustrator, Holli Conger. Her work is sooooo much fun and I am thrilled she asked me to be one of the judges. Check out her Junk-a-Doodles style for inspiration!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what else? GIRL DOODLES!

when you're not sure what to do because of a lack of focus, a need to procrastinate, desire to avoid dealing with dreaded taxes or organizing your (filthy) art desk, etc ... a simple solution is--draw some girl doodleheads!! Works wonders everytime! (none of those other things get done but, hey....look, cute girl doodleheads...)

Social Diva

Cutie Pie




And if you have an 8-11 year old girl---you might want to pick up the first couple "My Sister The Vampire" books, written by Sienna Mercer. Yours truly did the book covers! (There are 4 in total and the first 2 are out now)
Book 1 "Switched"
Book 2 "Fangtastic!"
It was a treasure of an experience working with Allyson, Joel and Chloe over at Harper Collins! Oh, how I hope they hire me again!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shoe Dreams

shoe dreams

This is a doodle---of sorts. I drew the girl without any plan. I had fun drawing her, but clearly, there was an element missing. I couldn't just have her standing there like that. She needed SOMETHING. So, I think the shoes kinda work. I mean, girls LOVE shoes and think about them often. Well, at least, I do.

Hooray for shoes!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A bride and then, a dog bride

I'm doing a little organizing today...well, I don't know if it really constitutes as true organizing but I bought a new CD holder thingy and came across some older CD's as I was transfering the discs. Just thought I'd post a little something I did back in 05 for a blog called
If you are a bride, this might just be a good place to check out!

And on a completely unrelated note...and because I can't help myself, he's another picture of my insanely cute dog...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

IF: Cars

Wondertime Car icons

I recently drew a slew of vehicles for a printable game on which, (lucky me!) perfectly suits this weeks' Illustration Friday theme: Cars. Hopefully, I'll have some time this week to draw something specifically for the theme, but for now----this'll do.

Mitzi n' Me!

I just adopted a sweet and lovey little Boston Terrier!!! She's soooooo funny-cute!

Her previous name was Gypsy but I've started getting to know her over the past few hours now and I'm feeling a very strong "Mitzi" vibe. I feel kinda weird changing her name but maybe a new name will also be a sign of a new and happy life.

Originally, Gypsy (now, Mitzi) was a breeder dog for 6 years and once her "work" was deemed complete, the breeder called the boston terrier rescue group to have her picked up that day or she'd be taken the pound. Terrible!!!! (stories like this break my heart!)

Soooooo, now she's living here with me, in the lap of luxury! Ok, my digs aren't exactly luxurious but I imagine my actual lap is nice and soft and comfy, therefore...complete luxury! We're gunna go on lots and lots of walks and she's going to be spoiled with lots of love and affection!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Live at Gotham

Those of you who might be fans of stand-up comedy and might be home (and awake) at midnight tonight, ya might wanna check out the 2nd season premiere of "Live at Gotham" on Comedy Central. I haven't seen any of it yet, but my brilliant and amazingly kick-ass sister books the show (as well as the Improv Comedy Clubs) sooooooooo, watch it if you can! I'll be watching it because I love my sister and because, comedy can be funny!

Here's a link on Comedy Central

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ever had an over-the-top crush on someone? Mine was Mark F. in 8th grade. I was crazy-in-love! {Like, maybe even a little stalker-like.} I cruised my bike by his house, often. I offered to help him out with his paper route. I wrote his name on lots of sheets of paper. I swooned over his tan. (It was the 80's in Southern Cal)Though, I must say, for a 12-13 year old, I had pretty good taste...this guy had the bluest eyes and lots of lashes.
Sadly, Mark never liked me back---but, he did dance with me once. Slow dance, even. And to this day, if I ever hear that song (which is rare, it was less popular Eagles song called "I can't tell you why")-- I think wistfully back to those early days when my hormones first kicked in! Ahhhhhhh! Those torturous, evil hormones!
The above illustration was drawn for QuizFest Magazine. In this particular illo's case---it was something like "Would you rather have your crushes name on your forehead or scream it in the cafeteria?" I'll post some of the other illos in the coming days

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poof and toot

Aw! The embarrassment of farting in front of your high school crush!!!

Thank god, this is NOT actually based one of my "most embarrassing moments"- Trust me, I have plenty different embarrassing moments I might illustrate someday, but this is not one of them. This illustration was drawn for a teeny-bopper magazine called "QuizFest"

Friday, March 16, 2007

Jigsaw O'Luck

Happy St. Patty's

Lately, I've been doing some freelance for the fine and lovely folks at I've been having lots of fun designing cute holiday-themed printables for them... perfect for you and your crafty kids to cut out and play with. I don't think I can post the actual pictures here so I will just provide the link instead, plus... this way I've got an opportunity to promote their site and mention what sort of thing I've been up to lately, all in one fell swoop. Here's a link/pdf to what I'm calling the Jigsaw O' Luck I designed for them---just in time for St. Patty's!
Soooo, should you be interested, sign up for the Family Fun "Printapalooza" newletter and check out some more of my printable designs in the coming months--celebrating Easter, Springtime, Mother's Day, etc! There are some great designs by other artists there, the great circus animals for birthday decoration and the really beautiful and fabulous paper-folding village (I'll add the link when I can find it again).

And, Happy St. Patty's!
~Paige O'Pooler

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Girly Doodle Heads

Hello! This here "illo" is really just a bunch of doodleheads thrown onto my scanner for the fun of it. They're not particularly excellent or's just that I draw girl heads ALL THE TIME (it's like a weird habit) and I've got a shoebox full of 'em and what the heck else am I going to do with them?!! (actually, I plan to collage them onto paintings, someday) Mainly, I needed a little something new on the ol' blog here so this seemed like a no-brainer. And it was just the sort of thing I could waste some time on before getting "real" about the assignments I have before me. I've been a busy, drawing maniac over the past few weeks and will be for a few more too. It feels good to wrangle several projects and I'm actually doing a pretty good job at it.... that is, considering my tendency to procrastinate and my ability to become completely distracted by shiny objects or food.

Ok, beckons....
Have an exquisitely lovely day!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Love Floats

Love Floats

Happy Valentines Day, People! I hope you get lots of really good and yummy chocolate...and whatever else your heart desires! (we'll leave it at that!)

This is another old and rejected design. A couple of years ago a card company asked me to submit some drawings for Valentines. I was certain that 10 of my 13 or so designs would sell. I was practically counting my money!! hahahahahaha. Turns out, they didn't want any. I look back on them now and still feel like I should have sold ...well, least ONE!! :0(
They're not that bad!! Actually, they said they liked them but I was told there might be too much "white space" in my designs and that they were looking for more specific cards like, "For My Nephew". O' well...ok, it was a good lesson! And truthfully, a good project for my portfolio. I'm pretty sure some of those very designs (and my use of white space) helped me to land the Wubbzy gig.
So, where one door shuts, another one opens!! Ain't that nice?!!

Anyway, a few of the other rejects are posted in the doodles section of my site, if you're interested in seeing more.

Monday, January 15, 2007



The topic for this week's Illustration Friday is the "80s". Like, totally!

I had a lot of fun thinking about things that reminded me of the Eighties tonight....things like; parachute pants, Aqua Net'd bangs, clove cigarettes, izods, burmuda shorts and topsiders, early Madonna, rockin' with the likes of Van Halen or Nightranger, Olivia Newton-John (the "Let's get Physical" era) baggy socks and LA Gear sneakers and dolphin shorts!

And just how do I know SOOOO MUCH about the "80s"?
Well, youngin's...I was, like totally, there.

Yes, like, that does resemble a Mullet! (However, I believe we called that a "tri-level" hairstyle back then) Egads!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Early Buzz

The Early Buzz

Oh, hi!
I can't believe it! I am actually participating in Illustration Friday again! WOO HOO!! Looks like an excellent start to 2007!!

The topic for this week is "Buzz".

And well, ok...this is an extreme cheat because I drew these concept drawings a couple years ago. Yeah, I know--pulling from the trash heap doesn't really count!! But maybe I could just squeeze these in...
Anyway, these were for a preschool "bumper" idea I called, " The Early Buzz". It was kinda silly-- Bugs would report on a "word of the day" like, say, "Snowflake" or "Sunrise". They would inform the preschool audience all about it --scientifically, educationally and creatively. I still don't think the idea is as stinky as the executive I pitched it to did. BUT, whatever, the illustration fits the topic for Illustration Friday perfectly! So, it wasn't a complete waste!! WOO HOO!

Anyway, here's a couple more, since I had them n' all. (I'd like to redesign some of these bugs, big time!)



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Good Riddance, 2006!
Man, does it feel good to say that!

I love 2007 already. Its just so fresh, shiny and full-of-potential!! Smells like new beginnings.

Now, about those resolutions...
Well, I have a whole bunch of course, but, the main ones are pretty as healthful as you can stand and have lots of laughs. Make time to visit and play with the people I love! Get creative whenever you get a chance too.

I'm also open to adopting a dog (please, landlord!) and aquiring a (not too shiny) new man-friend too! Ah, the possibilities!!

Cheers to you all. I hope your 2007 is marked with much joy and happiness! And stellar health too!

p.s. Go here if you want to read a recent interview I did with Belgium graphic/web designer Veerle Pieters. I'm so very flattered that she asked me to share a little of my experience as an illustrator.