Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello Friday. So nice to see you again.

Trading Faces cover concept

Here's an early version of a book cover concept I did a while back. I'm posting it because I just rediscovered it and think it's kinda cute, even if the direction changed a bit.

Lordy! What a week!! I know, I's not quite over yet...but for me, IT IS. I am done! The "universe" tested me in a big way over the past many days but I did manage to meet my deadlines (with happy clients!!) while dealing with all the other hoopla.
So, for that I say "hallelujah" and let me get the hell out of town! I'm taking off to the desert tomorrow morning. It'll be really nice for a change of scenery.

Happy Weekend, People!

Friday, September 11, 2009

So uh, hey there, what's your sign?

Astro Wheel

Here's a couple recent goodies commissioned by the fine folks at Astro Girl! Magazine.

Typically,I don't like throwing copyright smack dab in the center of my art BUT, I figured it would make it less appealing to theft that way. Not that I think there's a big crime ring focusing on astrological symbols or anything. It was only after consulting my charts and the recent Harvest Moon, I figured...better safe than sorry!! Just kidding, if I really looked at my charts I wouldn't know what the "stars" I was looking at anyway. Heck, all I know about a Harvest Moon is that it looks ginormous and brilliant and almost fake (like, the backdrop painting of a school play). And, "Harvest Moon" is the title of my all time favorite Neil Young song. If you don't know it, check it out.

Even while admitting my lack of astro-knowledge I don't mean to imply that I wouldn't or don't read my horoscope...because I do! Not every day...sometimes it's merely the perfect tool for procrastinating a few minutes longer. Anyway, I take it all in stride. Since my birthday falls on the CUSP of Libra/ Scorpio...I read both 'scopes and pick the one I like best. ;)

I know even less about Tarot cards but find them fascinating if not a little frightening. I'd love to learn more about 'em because I think it'd be fun to draw a whole set someday.

Astro Girl Tarot