Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hello. It's Christmas! JOY! { replaces "YAY!" as a festive holiday exclammation}

This morning while I stood in line at the bakery (at 6AM!) I was thinking-- there must be some drawing somewhere in my files that I might be able to post to my blog to commemorate the holidays! (I really ran out of time and focus this season) And then, one pumpkin pie, one "Parisian" Chocolate cake, and a HUGE non-fat Latte later-- I found this crappy little doodle. Wait, does that sound like I ate all that? No, only consumed the Latte, which was delish. But, I digress---I drew this doodle a few years ago. I must say, I chuckled upon finding it. There's nothing wrong with wishing you lots and lots of gifts this Christmas, right??
Especially if they are gifts of happiness, health, peace, prosperity, joy and some outright sillyness!!Right?? So, go and have yourselves a very Merry Giftmas!


All these same gifts are wished for you in the new year too. xoxoxo

Thursday, December 07, 2006



"Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" is a sweet little pre-school show airing on Nick Jr. I was lucky enough to have been part of the design team (character/prop designer) over the past year. And if you know what kind of year I had, you might well have guessed that I was working with an amazing assortment of people who supported, understood and even picked-up-the-slack for me when needed. (special thanks to Bob, Teri, Sandra, Jason, Brian J, Kyle, Andrea, Jess, Karl, Pete and Kerry) I really felt I had the support of the entire Wubbzy crew and from Bolder Media too. Besides the fact that everyone was really nice....and talented...they were also a lot of fun, wickedly funny and the show is so cute! I could not have asked for more!! For all these reasons and many more...Wubbzy will forever be close to my heart!!!

And some good news... the show and it's creator, Bob Boyle were just nominated for three "Annie Awards"! How cool is that??!! YAY!!! Congratulations! (my fingers are crossed for season 2!!)

These title cards were either designed by Bob Boyle or Steve Daye and then illustrated by me.