Thursday, September 15, 2005


Here's Tatzelwurm. Rumored to exist in Austria but really holding up with C.L.U.B. (The Collective League of Unidentified Beasts) in the secluded mountains of Northern California. He's genuis and just plain weird. You know the type...very smart but lacking in some basic, social skills. Al ( my partner on the project) and I both really liked to refer to him as a sharp-toothed hotdog. So, yes, another old drawing to tide us over until I can share something new.

Til then, my friends...have a lovely day!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Dr. Peter Hickenlopper

Yep, still pulling from the files here. Same dead project, different character. This is Dr. Peter Hickenlopper. I could tell you a lot about him but the short story is that he used to be a respectable anthropologist until he went a little over the edge in his search for Sasquatch. Now he spends his days (and nights) searching for "evidence" and making what he believes are Sasquatch mating calls. Those"mating calls" are terribly unsuccessful, Sasquatch is NOT attracted to thouse sounds, not in the least. But Hickenlopper does draw a lot of attention from all the small woodland critters!

One of these days, I'll draw something new. Heck, with all the time I spent online tonight, I could very well have drawn something. BUT, let me tell you...the browse online took me to many amazing blogs by many EXTREMELY talented artists. You might want to take a look at my sidebar-0-links...there are some serious heavy hitters over there. New links like, John Nevarez, Stephan Kardos and Hans Bacher...just to name a few. More to come too.

I was lucky enough to have some of the best art direction of my life, way back in the late 90's by Hans Bacher (mentioned above). I was just assigned to take over as Lead Artist on the Mulan Animated Storybook (an interactive game) and he was the Production Designer on the movie. I met with him several times (with my Producer) for him to review my designs. I had to design something like 40 or so printable "trading cards" and other things I no longer remember. Now, I must say this first...I'd already been working at the company for a couple least, and this was the first time a Production Designer from a Feature (in my experience, anyway) who actually took the time to meet with us "less-regarded" video game people. I showed him my designs (which I was quite proud of since they were my first attempts with Illustrator) and he had many, many notes for me. But, really...what was amazing was that they were REAL, substantial and absolutely dead-on notes. It was like a miracle for me. I remember smiling with every change request...because I knew, for probably the first time in my professional experience, that I was finally getting some excellent art direction. Of course, I would have loved to get everything right on first or even second pass...but it really was like a gift to receive these kinds of notes. Lightbulbs flashed in my head as I thought "Of course!! You're so right!" and "YES!! Give me more, please!!" That doesn't happen every day and it's definitely worth mentioning.
Coincidentally, I had the same experience today, with my new boss, Bob Boyle. He reviewed my character designs for Wubbzy. Man! It makes such a huge difference when you are working for someone who has a clear vision and they can draw a little scribble on a post-it and the design magically becomes so much better. You know that you aren't just spinning your wheels trying to read someone's mind...the answers are shown to you and you "get it"! Ahhhhh, how I love that.