Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A little dog...

Just a little chihuahua doodle so I can say this blog is active!

Still hecka-busy on a really cool project that will probably keep me inside for the better part of the next month. It's all super-OK though, this project is teaching me so much, Though it leaves me no time to draw doodleheads or participate in Illustration Friday. I'm hoping maybe this weekend?!?!?!

Hey, by the way, great news!! I start a (non-freelance) job-job in August. You know, the kind where you to to an office on a daily basis!! I'm very excited to have some normalcy again, a regular paycheck, eventual benefits and all that. Most of all though, I'm excited because it's the only kind of job-job I'd actually WANT to take, if not being freelance anyway. A dream come true, really. I will be joining the "Wubby" team as a character designer for a Nick Jr. Show! Everyone seems so nice and welcoming, I can hardly wait to start. The creator, Bob Boyle, has his own blog too... showing the progress of the show in development. Check it out! It's really cool to see all the thought that goes behind all the decisions, watch the fantastic designs come together and it's also just so nice that someone like Bob is willing to share all that. AND welcome his crew too.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Illustration Friday-ALONE

I had several ideas for this but opted out for the simplest (and fasted to compose) since I've got tons of freelance right now (YAY!) *Drawn in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

It's interesting... this whole Illustration Friday thang is making me think and draw a little "darker" than what I normally do on my own. I like that. I hope to be able to push things further when my time frees up a little more.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Illustration Friday-TRAVEL

Hello. I'm posting my Illustration Friday WAY late this week! Freelance work came I was glued to my drawing desk and not able to get to this until tonight! I am NOT complaining because I love when work comes my way!!

Anyway, you could call this illustration TRAVEL (which was this past week's theme)...or you could call this CROWDED (the previous week's theme)...or you could call this what I'm calling it... "Flying Coach on United". In any case, this is more a "character study" than it is a full blown illustration...I mean, how else can I explain away the fact that you can't see the back of the plane??? Anyway, this was all prompted by last month's fabulous trip to Ireland. All was great but the air travel bordered on criminal. Please...just gimme an inch or two (maybe even three!!) more for my legs dammit...I'm 6 feet tall!!

Here's a close-up of my misery...

Ireland was pretty though...and the beer was good too!