Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mardi Gras Devil

Danny Devil

Here's a little postcard I drew for my Mom's upcoming High School Reunion. Her school mascot is the devil and the theme for the event is Mardi Gras. That's all. No deep or sordid meaning/ message. It is NOT a "save the date" card for Mardi Gras in Hell. Though, I sorta like that idea. I drew a very similar version a few years ago for Mom's last Reunion.

Friday, November 24, 2006

giving thanks

Hand Turkey
I have sooooooooo verrrrrrrrry much to be thankful for. For now... I just want to give thanks to all the new friends I've made through this crazy world of blogs and internet what-not. The past few years have been really amazing and wonderful! I've met so many nice people...some very, very inspiring and talented artists.

Every comment (and crit) about my work is greatly appreciated. I feel blessed to have had such great support and encouragement and mostly, very complimentary comments. So, thank you. And more than I can say, a special thanks for every well-wish and good vibe that was sent when things went a little awry.
Milles Mercis!