Monday, June 09, 2008

IF: Forgotten


It's been forever since I participated in Illustration Friday. And, man! I've really missed it! I love this challenge so much. I wish I could participate every week but until I win that SuperLOTTO prize, I will need to continue trying to make enough money to house (and feed) me and my dog! ;0) Still, I'm hopeful that I will be able to play more often anyway!

This week's theme: Forgotten. For me, I could have gone a million different ways with this one...I've "forgotten" a lot! Where I put the KEYS, the garage door opener, the dog leash, my silver flip-flops, or what so-in-so said about who-was-it? Forgotten passwords are a given. Anyone else?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Palm Readin'

Palm Readin'

Ok, even though I drew this, I still have no idea what it all means when I look at my own palm. First, should I read my predominant hand (I'm a lefty). Or is it always the right hand? Does it matter? The lines LOOK different on each hand. I'm thinking I'm gunna go with the one that says I'm going to live the longest and be the happiest, where I get to travel the world, be married and have kids. Right? Which hand allows me to do all that?!! Maybe I should leave it to the "professionals"!!

I've always had an affection for Palm Reading signs...they're so cool, so mysterious and kind of kitschy too. I just haven't gathered the nerve to stop in one and get an actual reading. It's on that "that'd be cool to do some day" list. BUT, I get a little freaked out about the idea of someone else being able to glimpse into my future. Besides, I'd only really want to know good news. Bad news sucks. Period. No need for advance warning! And besides that, I'd probably worry that they were keeping bad news from me.

So yeah, guess I'll move this to the "I'm too chickenshit for this" list.

This little illustration was for AstroGirl Magazine.