Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2nd Annual Chuy Run

2nd Annual Chuy

Here's a new tshirt design for the 2nd Annual Los Chupacabras de la Noche 10K Trail Run, happenin' in San Antonio, Texas on July 17th. If you're interested and live in that area...here's a link to their Facebook page Also, I'd love to see photos of the event...esp. with people wearing the tee's!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Les Belles de la Mer

Las Belles de la Mer

Ok, first, I'm not even sure "Les Belles de la Mer" makes sense in French...but it sounds good to me! Je parle francais comme une vache espagnole.

Regardless of my terrible French...here is the first of many Mermaid drawings I've wanted to illustrate for some time now. I have this pile of sketches from last year that I haven't had time to get to. Now, I do. Unless some freelance work comes in. In which case, I will put the sketch pile aside and happily work on whatever that fabulous assignment is. PLUS, I'll be thrilled that I won't have to sell off my furniture in a yard sale next month!! Yipes. Freelance can be wildly exciting and scary sometimes.

Enjoy the Mermaids!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Cutey Critters

Springy 3

So, this past year I haven't really had time to do any personal work..which is fine and all because drawing my own little critters and stuff doesn't generally get the bills paid. Plus, I'm not about to complain about actual work that comes my way! No way, Jose!
However, it's a dream of mine to get some of my personal work to parlay into income at some point in time. If that doesn't pan out...it's still, always, good to draw for the fun of it. Right?! Keeps the creative juices flowin'!

I started this series of spring themed drawings (aka personal work) last year and have finally had a little down time to draw a couple more! Yay! Just in time for summer!!

Springy 4

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Juicy Gossip

Juicy Gossip for Scholastic

Ah, love it when I get to see another new bookcover of mine on the bookshelf! The lastest is called "Juicy Gossip" and it's part of the Candy Apple Series for Scholastic (book # 19) written by Erin Downing. Art Directed by Steve Scott.

I'm posting my art without the title because, frankly, the scan of the book I purchased last night looks terrible and I don't have a decent sized version of the artwork WITH the titles...here's a tiny one lifted from the web.

Scholastic Web Store