Friday, January 26, 2007

Love Floats

Love Floats

Happy Valentines Day, People! I hope you get lots of really good and yummy chocolate...and whatever else your heart desires! (we'll leave it at that!)

This is another old and rejected design. A couple of years ago a card company asked me to submit some drawings for Valentines. I was certain that 10 of my 13 or so designs would sell. I was practically counting my money!! hahahahahaha. Turns out, they didn't want any. I look back on them now and still feel like I should have sold ...well, least ONE!! :0(
They're not that bad!! Actually, they said they liked them but I was told there might be too much "white space" in my designs and that they were looking for more specific cards like, "For My Nephew". O' well...ok, it was a good lesson! And truthfully, a good project for my portfolio. I'm pretty sure some of those very designs (and my use of white space) helped me to land the Wubbzy gig.
So, where one door shuts, another one opens!! Ain't that nice?!!

Anyway, a few of the other rejects are posted in the doodles section of my site, if you're interested in seeing more.

Monday, January 15, 2007



The topic for this week's Illustration Friday is the "80s". Like, totally!

I had a lot of fun thinking about things that reminded me of the Eighties tonight....things like; parachute pants, Aqua Net'd bangs, clove cigarettes, izods, burmuda shorts and topsiders, early Madonna, rockin' with the likes of Van Halen or Nightranger, Olivia Newton-John (the "Let's get Physical" era) baggy socks and LA Gear sneakers and dolphin shorts!

And just how do I know SOOOO MUCH about the "80s"?
Well, youngin's...I was, like totally, there.

Yes, like, that does resemble a Mullet! (However, I believe we called that a "tri-level" hairstyle back then) Egads!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Early Buzz

The Early Buzz

Oh, hi!
I can't believe it! I am actually participating in Illustration Friday again! WOO HOO!! Looks like an excellent start to 2007!!

The topic for this week is "Buzz".

And well, ok...this is an extreme cheat because I drew these concept drawings a couple years ago. Yeah, I know--pulling from the trash heap doesn't really count!! But maybe I could just squeeze these in...
Anyway, these were for a preschool "bumper" idea I called, " The Early Buzz". It was kinda silly-- Bugs would report on a "word of the day" like, say, "Snowflake" or "Sunrise". They would inform the preschool audience all about it --scientifically, educationally and creatively. I still don't think the idea is as stinky as the executive I pitched it to did. BUT, whatever, the illustration fits the topic for Illustration Friday perfectly! So, it wasn't a complete waste!! WOO HOO!

Anyway, here's a couple more, since I had them n' all. (I'd like to redesign some of these bugs, big time!)



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Good Riddance, 2006!
Man, does it feel good to say that!

I love 2007 already. Its just so fresh, shiny and full-of-potential!! Smells like new beginnings.

Now, about those resolutions...
Well, I have a whole bunch of course, but, the main ones are pretty as healthful as you can stand and have lots of laughs. Make time to visit and play with the people I love! Get creative whenever you get a chance too.

I'm also open to adopting a dog (please, landlord!) and aquiring a (not too shiny) new man-friend too! Ah, the possibilities!!

Cheers to you all. I hope your 2007 is marked with much joy and happiness! And stellar health too!

p.s. Go here if you want to read a recent interview I did with Belgium graphic/web designer Veerle Pieters. I'm so very flattered that she asked me to share a little of my experience as an illustrator.