Monday, August 17, 2009


In the interest of keeping things fresh I've decided it's high time I start posting doodles and sketchies. So..okay! I'm doing it.

I'm kind of a sucker for those ragtag magazines at the checkout stands...and sometimes, late at night, I doodle from those pages. Here's a couple to start...fresh with some newly added photoshop color for added zest.

Here's Lindsey.

Susan Boyle
Good Ol' Susan Boyle...before the makeover.

More to come!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wardrobe Mishaps!


Here are some silly little illos I did for the upcoming issue of Yikes! Magazine. Have you experienced anything like this? I certainly have!
That said, I choose NOT to share with you the couple wardrobe mishaps I've had in my early life. Let's just say this though..both incidents that come to mind were pretty em-bare-ASS-ing.



Jalapeño del Sol


Ah yes, here's another 10k I won't be participating in...other than, designing the t-shirt logo. For one, the trail run is in San Antonio. TEXAS. I don't mess with Texas. Secondly, I hate, hate, hate running. I'm a terrible runner. I might sprint for half a block with my dog but that's the extent of it for me. I might run away from a bad guy too...but let's face it, I'd probably have to resort to eye-gouging. Walking, hiking, swimming...those are more my speed. Even when I was in grade school and they made us run around the track...I abhorred it. It just hurts too much. Would love to change my attitude about it someday because I know it's a great way to drop some LBS and tone. But, blech...I just hate it.
Anyway...trying to follow the theme of the drawing here...which also includes a Jalapeño! I looooooove japapeño.... in fact, I made some awesome spicy salsa the other night. Hot! Spicy! Pure Goodness. And now the (jalapeño) seed has been planted: I will be dreaming about carne asada tacos from a local taco stand (or truck)...sprinkled with cilantro, onion and spicy salsa that makes my mouth on fire. And I will be thinking about this until it happens. Later, today. YES.