Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wardrobe Mishaps!


Here are some silly little illos I did for the upcoming issue of Yikes! Magazine. Have you experienced anything like this? I certainly have!
That said, I choose NOT to share with you the couple wardrobe mishaps I've had in my early life. Let's just say this though..both incidents that come to mind were pretty em-bare-ASS-ing.




Antrese said...

Adorable! I think the soccer pic is me!

Matthew Baughman said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.

paige said...

Thank you Antrese and Matthew!

michael robertson said...

nice stuff! your style is so much fun. looking through your work, I see you get to illustrate a lot of hilarious situations, and you do it so well.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh, oh, oh does this keep happening to me in my nightmares!!! he hee hee! this is such hilarious and beautiful work. I really like your style it's fantastic and fun! I had fun just going through your post. It's a really awesome blog you've got here. I will be back for more of this wholesome goodness!

paige said...

Thank you Michael and Vanessa! I really appreciate your comments. Michael, I just discovered your awesome work via Illustration Friday and I LOVE it! And based on your avatar, Vanessa, it looks like I'll be a fan of you too. Off to check your stuff out right now! * I just love meeting other artists!

Javi Recio said...

ha ha ha . I really love last ones!!

justdoodleit said...

such a fun and cool style you have! love your blog header :)

xenos said...

great styling and use of colors. is there a reason why the second illo isn't using a monochromatic background like the others? regardless, dope work...

paige said...

thank you Gamusino, Justdoodleit and Xenos!

Xenos, good question. I think you've exposed a weakness!! Truth is, I just didn't have the vision for how that one would look monochrome.

Abz said...

i really admire your style! please stop by....and seriously, write a book. I like reading ur posts. YOure quite funny. :)

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh how cool is this!! well not the situations haha, but the way you illustrated! I love it!! You have a really cool blog!

Jmontiel said...

I love these illustrations, especially the first. Very good work

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